Protected Flat

This program started to work at the beginnings of 1991. It is a social resource addressed to collective single mothers accompanied by their sons/daughters or heavily pregnant women, older than 18, without problems of drogue addition or serious mental or infectious illnesses which may alter the normal coexistence with the other flat partners. Nowadays it is also assessed the possibility of women victims of house violence getting into it.


In the protected Flat it is carried out An INTEGRAL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, whose last aim is the family’s autonomy in every aspect of their life. It begins with the welcoming and the satisfaction of basic needs, such as house and food, and it goes on with the setting of an intervention planning, global and individual for every woman.
The professional team is a multidisciplinary team composed of different professionals and voluntaries supporting the intervention.
On the other hand, women are integrated into the different activities developed at and by the association(for instance housekeeping economy workshop, social skills workshop, computer literacy program Red Conecta, occupational training courses, Social Guaranty program.)
The entry in the protected flat will be assessed and approved by the Program Professional Staff. Therefore, it will be necessary to send them a social report on the familiar unit as well as all the relevant documentation and a medical report about her situation..
The protected flan is occupied by several women and their children, who will live in community, being regulated by a participative system. Each beneficiary or familiar unit has her own room. When arriving women will have to accept and sign the rules of internal regulations of the protected flat.



This resource is also integrated as reception house in the assistance network en la Assistance network of Women Victims of house violence of la Junta de Castile y León
Women Assistance Network is the whole of resources available in the Community of Castile and León which offer an integral attention to women having been victims of mistreatment and, if it is convenient, minor being in their charge.