Red Conecta

The Red Conecta is a community service based on the computer science, in which you can learn how to use a computer staring from zero and to your pace with the assistance of a dinamizer who will orientate you in this process.

It is a free permanent training center, (except for training workshops with a symbolic quota of 20 € for the whole course, where you will be able to have access to the equipments in the modalities of training, self-training and free access.

The Foundation Isadora Duncan stimulates and develops the classroom of the Red Conecta of León in agreement with the Foundation Esplai, to make the new technologies more accessible to the whole population, paying special attention to women.



Who can take part in the Red Conecta?

•    Everybody, especially young men and women and adults with difficulties to find a job.
•    It is opened to students, groups of friends or neighbours, and associations of the neighbourhood or the city.
•    The most important is not to have some knowledge but the interest and will to learn.

What can be done in the Red Conecta?

•    To learn how to use a computer and to use the most habitual programs.
•    To surf in Internet.
•    To send and to receive e-mails.
•    To use programs of image and sound.
•    To write papers for the high school, the college or other studies.
•    To use computer tools for projects of groups or people.
•    In the Red Conecta you can learn easily and to your pace.

 Aula de ordenadores de Isadora Duncan con varias alumnas
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