Monoparental Families

Monoparental or monomarental families are those in which the progenitor lives together with and is responsible of his or her little or dependent children. This is called “one parent home”, main or primary core. A percentage of one parent cores is included into a complex family in which there is a couple, often composed of the boy or girl’s grandparents. In this case do we speak of secondary or dependent one parent core.

Monoparental families are deeply different from each others. As example let’s set the following situations which would create one parent cores and give form to very diverse families as far as living conditions are referred:
•    Teenage mother with her baby, living both together with the grandparents.
•    Separate mother living with her two 6 and 10 year old children and working cleaning particular house per hours.
•    55 year old building worker, widower, living with his youngest son, 17 years old.
•    40 year old open-minded professional woman who has adopted a 5 year old daughter.

Once this general revision of the present situation of families in Spain, specifically that of monoparental families, has been done (taken form M. Mar González, proyecto Renova 2000), we are particularly interested in single mothers’ reality.


Starting from our experience in the collective of single mothers, we have noticed a series of difficulties experienced by women facing motherhood alone. Some of these difficulties are common to those experienced by monoparental families, and others are specific to single mothers’ present situation.
In its statutes it is expressed the need of being single mothers to belong to the board of directors. This clause was set as a safeguard to prevent the association from losing its protesting character and from ending becoming a ghost association, pure recipient of subsidies, as it often happens unfortunately.  From this perspective, activities carried out by the association during these years have aimed to pay attention to all the aspects incorporated in the single mother because of her condition of one parent family and of woman. Many of these aspects are shared by the rest of women’s collectives, so programs developed have been open to any woman willing to take part in them. There are even specific programs which are being developed addressed to minors (boys and girls).
This association has also attempted and will attempt to be caring with the other women organisations, by collaborating or integrating with all those initiatives being abordable from this area.

The creation of the company “Isadora Duncan SL” in 1992 was the option chosen to be able to self-finance the association. This company was composed of members directly related to the association, and its main objective was to find a job to women with family charges. As it is set in the statutes, benefits would never be distributed, in case there were any, and will be assigned to the non-lucrative organization “Isadora Duncan”.
For ten years has this company been responsible of house assistance in several rural areas of León and Zamora by contact signed with León County Council Offices. Most of the services provided by this association are self-financed and free.
Thanks to this self-financing this association has been able to make a dream true: buying a site in which to be able to carry out all the activities which will be later introduced.
At the end of the year 2006 we made another step forward by creating the Foundation of Monoparental Families Isadora Duncan, legal status under which future projects will be developed, being in the same line set from our very beginnings.