Main problems

Most single mothers face a series of problems and difficulties of which they are often unconscious, problems which impose serious restrictions to their social integration and their personal development.

Additional burden
Single mother face parental tasks, housework, responsibilities of education and the weight of being the o­nly source of family income o­n their own. This burden of tasks generally condemns them to the absence of personal life. Proper family pressure contributes to worsen the situation, in which they feel overloaded.
The previously mentioned situation prevents them form devoting time to personal and social life and contributes to isolation and generates feelings of loneliness and apathy. o­ne of single mothers’ fears is not being loved because of a child, not being able to rebuild their emotional life with a couple.


The younger single mothers are, moreover if they are immature adolescent single mothers assuming responsibilities, more their own families usually control the situation and impose the rules. Grandparents are the authority. Child belongs to nobody until (s9he is born. Later (s)he belongs to everybody except his/her mother. Nowadays parents do not reject them out of home, but they put up with mistreatment and humiliation of those who provide them with a place to live and resources to survive.  Thy become the “maid”  and get married as fast as possible, so their life turns into a whirlpool of events in which they get involve without deciding o­n their own.

Low self-esteem
A series of events have a negative influence o­n single mothers’ self-esteem: physical changes resulting from pregnancy, isolation from their equal o­nes, quitting school in order to look after the baby, the unsuccessful search for job without education nor experience, life ruled by proper family who prevents them from making their own decisions guiltiness for having got pregnant, loss of all pleasant activities and prevalence of    compulsory activities.

Present society does not reject single mother explicatively as it did formerly, for being a sinner or immoral, but many single mothers notice a hidden refusal due to their stigmatization as ignorant and illiterate ; they are neither taken into account  anywhere  nor have their rights respected o­n the social and family level. They feel this rejection systematically when they try to negotiate with institutions and excluded from meetings, in which politicians address to professional workers, keeping them apart.

Being a woman and having family burdens become two of the main difficulties to obtain a job in our country nowadays. Single mothers feel the need to work in order to survive, since they are the o­nly source of income for their family, but they also have greater problems to conciliate family and work, growing up children o­n their own.

Risk of social exclusion  
These factors previously quoted are considered to create a greater risk of social exclusion: greater need of financial help, of employment, of family support services, of culture and education.