Children's education

The most frequent errors made by mothers facing motherhood alone as far as children’s education is referred are:

•    Overprotection
Doing one’s utmost in children leads to overprotection attitudes as mother, which occasionally works as a mechanism to compensate for child’s rejection. Young single mother keeps a relationship of love-hate with the boy/girl, whom they love on the one side, but on the other side, (s)he is responsible for the loss of her adolescence or youth as an essential period in which responsibilities are not very well defined yet.

•    Omnipotente or impotence
There can be two styles of thought and behaviour relative to the assumption of parental responsibilities:
1.    Taking charge of everything, coping with everything: decisions, tasks, work, rules, and difficulties. It generates an important amount of stress which overwhelms mothers.
2.    Letting grandparents assume children’s education, keeping themselves apart from decisions, since when it’s all said and done they are feeding both of them.
•    Perfeccionism

It occasionally works as a mechanism to compensate for the made error : trying to be the best mother in the world to show the whole world and themselves this way that they are able to take charge of the situation without depending on nobody or without asking for help to third parties, in spite of having got pregnant without really having wished it.