Comprehensive support point for immigrant women

Logo Punto de Apoyo Integral a mujeres inmigrantesThis is a program that offers a comprehensive support service based on the provision of information, guidance, counseling and accompaniment to immigrant women victims or potential victims of gender violence and their children.

The actions carried out are aimed at the prevention and protection of this group in order to contribute to their welfare.

What do we do?

We offer a protection service through measures adapted to the situation of each woman:

  • Reception of the woman victim of gender violence and help in the expression and understanding of her situation.
  • Guidance and advice on existing resources and the care route for women victims.
  • Social, legal and economic-family support.
  • Referral and coordination with basic social resources and services.
  • Permanent accompaniment.
  • Case detection and follow-up.
  • Online information and attention through our web pages and social networks:
    X (Twitter): @mujerinmigrante

How do we do it?

Mujer Inmigrante
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Comprehensive protection

  • Guidance and social and administrative advice:
    Accompaniment through individual interviews whose objective is to make an initial assessment to know the personal and family circumstances of each case, provide support and accompaniment in their process.
  • Guidance and legal advice:
    Individual interviews in which women have a space where they can present their situation, concerns or needs and the person in charge of the service, after a thorough analysis, offers different possibilities to respond to their demands.
  • Guidance and economic-family counseling:
    Economic information service analyzing the individual and family needs of the beneficiary woman and supporting her autonomy and economic independence.
  • Guidance and advice to single-parent families:
    Specific service aimed at the group of single-parent families that aims to deepen the initial assessment and complement the comprehensive care. Aspects specific to the families are pointed out and, according to the needs detected, the pertinent referrals are made, both to internal and external resources.
  • Creation and management of a digital support and information network:
    This is a group controlled through WhatsApp, integrated by immigrant women. Its objective is to disseminate useful and truthful information on the prevention of gender violence, resources, social and labor rights, etc., in addition to the activities of the foundation.

All services encompassing comprehensive protection, are characterized by being individualized, personalized guidance and carried out through a methodology of active listening and empathy.

Group work

It is proposed as a safe and trusting space to strengthen women’s autonomy and empowerment, as well as to detect and prevent possible situations of gender violence or other forms of exploitation and discrimination.

It also seeks to promote and improve coexistence between different cultures; to offer tools for the protection, self-care, autonomy and empowerment of women; and to promote their social inclusion, participation, the expansion of support networks and the full exercise of their rights.

Within the group work, two types of activities are differentiated:

  1. Prevention activities/strong>
    • Digital divide and use of new technologies
    • Labor rights and social resources
    • Family economic management
  2. Activities to detect gender violence

    • Viewing and discussion of materials on gender-based violence
    • Support groups
    • Activities on emotional management
    • Activities against obstetric violence

Both the individual services and the group work offered throughout the year include a conciliation service that facilitates the participation and personal development of the beneficiary women.

This program is subsidized by the Directorate General for Humanitarian Attention and Social Inclusion of Immigration and by the European Social Fund, and works in internal coordination with other programs of the entity. It is supported by a wide presence in the media, both on the Foundation’s website and on pages focused on specific areas: Ormiga Network aimed at immigrant women or X-Twitter account @mujerinmigrante.
If you are interested in our activities and want to know more please contact us: