“Do you know if you’re experiencing economic violence?” Analysis of results from the study conducted by the Isadora Duncan Foundation.

During the first two months of the year 2022, the Prevention of Violence program, run by the Isadora Duncan Foundation, worked on a digital tool aimed at detecting potential circumstances of economic violence within couples through reflection on relatively normalized situations.

The survey has a dual objective: on one hand, it aims to gather information on how many women may be experiencing economic violence from their partners, and on the other hand, to reflect on normalized situations that may be detected as potential economic violence.

The survey was open for a year and six months, and after applying the previously formalized inclusion criteria, a final sample of 426 women was formed.

From the data obtained, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Economic violence is one of the manifestations of gender violence experienced by women in relationships, in this case, more normalized by the victims themselves and by their environment. There is a very high level of risk captured in some questions that reflect abusive behaviors.
  • 91.5% of the surveyed women report experiencing economic violence to a greater or lesser extent. The refusal to make decisions about spending options or participation in banking decisions stands out.
  • Only 8.5% of the surveyed women are classified as “low risk” of experiencing economic violence, but none of them demonstrate a completely balanced relationship, as some of the questions do indicate the experience of situations of economic violence, although they do not reach the minimum stipulated to be considered an abusive relationship.
  • Some items describe situations that are potentially criminal but are completely normalized by both the victims and their environment since none of the surveyed women perceive risk in their relationships, even though certain questions invite reflection on the events.

The complete analysis of results, technical specifications, survey objectives, and conclusions can be consulted and downloaded HERE.

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