Donations and Legacies

As you know, the current economic situation is jeopardizing the work of many social NGOs. This context makes solidarity increasingly necessary, both from individuals and companies, who feel identified with our goals and want to help us to continue our work.

Donating to a foundation has advantages, with tax deductions on the value of the donation of 80% for the first 250 euros and between 40% and 45% for higher amounts for individuals. In the case of legal entities this deduction goes from 40% to 50% in the Corporate Tax.

· To collaborate with Isadora Duncan you can use paypal or a bank card by clicking on the following button:

· Or deposit the amount you wish in the following bank account: ES94 0049 6739 1923 1623 2071

Once you have made the donation, do not forget to send us a message through the form below this paragraph so that we can contact you and send you the corresponding donation receipt, which you will have to include in your income tax return to obtain the corresponding tax deduction.


    The Legacy of Solidarity

    When we are no longer here, our estate, or a part of it, can continue to help others who need it to have a better life. You can include the Fundación de Familias Monoparentales in your last will and testament in several ways:

    • Naming the F.F.M Isadora Duncan as heir to all or part of your estate, naming it as Universal Heir in case you wish it to receive the totality, or co-heir if you wish your estate to be divided among several people or entities, mentioning the percentage that corresponds to each heir.
    • Leave the F.F.M. Isadora Duncan Foundation a Legacy, that is to say, a specific asset. It can be a percentage of the total value of the estate, a specific amount of money, a real estate property or movable goods (works of art, jewelry, antiques…).

    From our legal advice we can inform you and clarify any doubts without any commitment on your part and, in case of testament in favor of the Foundation, we can offer you the necessary advice so that your will is effectively fulfilled, assuring you at the same time the most absolute confidentiality.