“Weaving Networks to Grow Together” Second Support Group at Isadora Duncan

The Isadora Duncan Foundation is launching the 2nd meeting of the support groups aimed at immigrant women. As in the previous edition, the goal is to provide a space for reflection, care, and trust among all participants so they can share complex aspects of their lives and try to manage them healthily.

This activity aims to create a safe environment where participants can gain new perspectives and coping strategies for various situations, find emotional support, and build connections with others…

When and where will the activity take place?

The second support group will be held on Tuesday, May 28 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM at the foundation’s headquarters: Avenida Reino de León, 12, E1, 1st floor. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t attend the first one, sign up.

How can I participate?
Visit our headquarters to get information and sign up
• Phone: 987 26 14 49
• WhatsApp: 987 95 28 02
• Email:

This activity is part of the program “Comprehensive Support Point for Immigrant Women” and is funded by the General Directorate of Humanitarian Assistance and Social Inclusion of Immigration and the European Social Fund.

Additionally, there will be a reconciliation service so that mothers can attend the activity with their children, as someone will be there to take care of them.

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For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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