Family Financial Education and Energy Poverty

Personalized attention and support service for families who submit queries or request advice on making decisions in the area of family financial management.

We offer personalized attention: in person, at our physical headquarters in the city of León, and by telephone and telematically, covering the entire country.

The Family Financial Education and Prevention of Energy Poverty program is made up of 3 axes:

  • Advice
  • Training
  • Coordination/dissemination


We are based on supporting families in the economic management of the different realities, taking into account their income and expenses, as well as the good contracting and consumption of energy supplies, knowing the possibilities of saving and preventing situations of over-indebtedness.

  • Economic area
  • Energy area
  • Socio-labor and housing area/strong>


Through our “Family Savings School”: We carry out training sessions aimed at families and people interested in expanding their knowledge on topics related to savings, energy poverty, family financial management and the resources available for family economic management.

Coordination and dissemination

We collaborate with institutions, entities and groups with common goals, favoring networking. We are committed to develop dissemination actions through our “Family Dialogues” and Technical Conferences, on current issues that most concern families and society in general. We contact entities and professionals with experience in these issues in order to coordinate joint care and advice, seeking efficient care for families.

This program is subsidized but h Ministry of Social Rights, Comsumer Affairs, and 2030 Agenda, and operates in internal coordination with other programs of the organization. It I supported by a wide presence in the media, both on the foundation’s website and on pages focused on specific areas of the program such as the “Gestión Familiar” website ( or onTwitter @familiargestion.

If you are interested in our services and activities, please contact us for more information: