General recommendations

Based on our long experience working for and with the group of single mothers, we dare to summarize in a series of basic recommendations some aspects that may be useful when dealing with the difficulties described in the previous points:

  • Assuming responsibilities and performing parental functions successfully implies being aware of one’s own limitations but also of one’s personal rights. Therefore, ask for help when you need it, learn to delegate responsibilities when necessary and seek support so as not to overburden yourself. These supports can be found in your immediate environment or outside it, i.e., find out about the existence of resources for single mothers such as subsidized childcare or similar.
  • Build an alternative social circle of support to the family of origin. Friends serve a different function and can provide peer-to-peer support. Try to get to know other people who are going through the same situation, it will help you not to feel alone and to share your problems with someone with whom you feel identified.
  • Try to fight for your independence, both financially and emotionally. Having your own space and an income that you earn yourself will give you the possibility to make decisions with more freedom.
  • Take care of yourself as much as you can. Dedicating some time each day to yourself, to do small tasks or activities that give you well-being or make you feel positive, helps to keep your mood in balance. And this in turn reinforces your self-esteem and allows you to face daily difficulties with the necessary strength. Enjoyment is not incompatible with responsible motherhood.
  • Try to train yourself, study or learn a trade that will help you improve your access to employment. Get advice, being well informed is essential to achieve your goals.