Violence Prevention

“Prevention and Awareness in Gender Violence” is a project created, managed, and developed by the Isadora Duncan Single Parent Families Foundation, with a clear objective: to promote knowledge and prevention of gender violence and its manifestations, especially economic violence, among the general population through awareness-raising, consciousness-raising, and the generation of content that promotes values of equality, diversity, respect, and tolerance. Additionally, it has various specific objectives that promote awareness and detection of other types of invisible violence, involving society so that all individuals are an active part of the solution.

To achieve real changes in society, it is necessary to join efforts from both public and private sector institutions, implementing cross-cutting actions aimed at the entire citizenry that seek to influence people’s ideas, stereotypes, and prejudices, generating a change in attitudes towards their social, individual, and collective practices, promoting a fairer, more equitable, and violence-free society. This intervention approach will be a fundamental step that contributes to the appreciation of the principles of equality, citizenship, and tolerance.

Thus, “Prevention and Awareness in Gender Violence” takes shape based on the different activities planned in the project, whose results are always aimed towards the same goal: raising awareness among the population against macho violence in its multiple manifestations, with special emphasis on economic violence. We develop national advocacy campaigns, training actions, and the creation of physical and digital materials that support the achievement of our objectives. Through the website, you can view both awareness-raising actions, materials and tools, and the specific activities that are being implemented within the project. Finally, we work towards generating synergies and strengthening networks of entities and organizations to collectively fight against macho violence.

If you are interested in our activities and would like to know more about the program, do not hesitate to contact us: