Activities with children

Our foundation has always been committed to activities for children, from summer camps: in different parts of the province and in coastal areas (Quintanilla de Somoza, Fabero, Poo de Llanes…) to camps and toy libraries focused on art, science and technology that we have been carrying out for several years, thanks among other things to the collaboration of volunteer staff.

These activities are always addressed from a gender perspective, as an integrating element, focusing our attention on girls. These “Equality camps” are held during the summer, Easter and Christmas holiday periods.

Throughout the school year we also carry out activities with kids through the conciliation service, offering training in technology and school support mainly, so that mothers can attend the activities of the foundation.

In addition in 2018 we started working on what will be the “Isadora Duncan Integrating Orchestra” bringing musical education closer to young people who do not have the means to access official schools.