Join our new first aid workshop

Taller de primeros auxilios

From the Isadora Duncan Foundation, we are launching a new activity: a First Aid Workshop. The aim is to learn how to respond to specific emergency situations in the home environment. This activity is subsidized by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 through UNAF.  [+]

Economic violence and labor exploitation: two different realities with a single purpose

Economic violence and labor exploitation of women are two of the most normalized and sibylline manipulations that have truly disabling consequences in the lives of women and their families, causing not only economic instability, as is evident, but also emotional, psychological, social and, in the most serious cases, physical instability.

Economic violence against women is a control technique used to remove them from economic decision-making, as well as to produce economic and emotional dependence in them, in many cases, seriously damaging their own development as well as that of their families (children and dependents).

Labor exploitation, already a crime, manifests itself differently against men than against women. Dejando a un lado aspectos jurídicos, se hace referencia a esas situaciones precisamente por esta distinción en cuanto a su aplicación, destacando también la posición de las mujeres inmigrantes en este marco. Es importante tener en cuenta la interseccionalidad que define precisamente este fenómeno, para atajar las causas de por qué se produce y prevenir sus consecuencias.