Who we are

For 40 years we have been sharing problems, difficulties and conditionality of our families, invisibility as such, legislative oblivion, always being at the bottom of that drawer that is social exclusion and poverty.

The A.S.M. Isadora Duncan was founded by five single mothers and a lawyer, in the city of Leon, in 1984, it was the first national association of single mothers for single mothers, they were feminist women of the working class and they were very clear that they did not “want a husband” that their life project was the solitary upbringing of their sons and daughters, they were an own and autonomous family, not an “independent” one. incomplete family as they were described with the arrival of Democracy.

They did not want to be penalized for the family model they were, they demanded social justice.

In its bylaws was the clause that only single mothers could belong to the Board of Directors, this safeguarded the association from losing its foundational essence of single mothers for single mothers and prevented it from one day becoming an entity that only helped …………

That is why from the beginning they developed tools that would help them and the rest of the collective, they were emancipating as a family and all that it encompasses. They did not forget that they were not only mothers, but also women, they did not want to create a ghetto of single mothers, that is why in all their programs women in general participate.

From the beginning, children participate in programs, especially in leisure and culture, not only consumed, but also produced alone or with the family.

All of this continues today and it is still the mono families who create and implement the tools that Isadora’s technical team develops.

Over the years Isadora Duncan has evolved with the Spanish society and the mono families are no longer only single mothers, but also separated, divorced and single mothers with recognized children, etc.

Faced with the new reality of the group, Isadora Duncan decided that it was time to evolve legally and in 2006 the Fundación de Familias Monoparentales Isadora Duncan, in plural to cover the whole legal arc, became the heir of the Association.