Mission, vision, values


The vision of the ISADORA DUNCAN Foundation is the development of initiatives that effectively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of single-parent families and their real equality with other families.

The work developed is based on the indivisible and universal values of human dignity, freedom and equality, as contemplated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, democratic institutions and the rule of law. Our professional performance is based on them, through the acceptance of the following values:

  1. Justice: framework principle around which the foundation contributes to social justice, aiming at the balance of redistribution of goods and services and the recognition of individuals and collectivities in their differences and rights.
  2. RespectThe following is a fundamental pillar in the construction of democracy: taking into account that in a multiethnic and multicultural society, the understanding of difference is a fundamental pillar in the construction of democracy, all people are equal in dignity, deserve equal consideration and respect, regardless of their race, age, social condition, sexual option and origin; this will take the form of non-discrimination and the establishment of dialogical and equitable relationships.
  3. Solidarity: understood as the action in which the Foundation is linked to a cause, supporting the satisfaction of needs, social interests, peace, development of vulnerable populations and respect for the environment.
  4. FreedomThe Foundation’s professionals must be autonomous professionals, with criteria of freedom and responsibility, allowing them to make decisions in accordance with the multiple cultural options in which society develops, while respecting the autonomy and self-determination of the people with whom they interact in their professional practice, for the development of their potential, in terms of a better quality of life for single-parent families.
  5. Honesty: expressed in a professional practice that does not instrumentalize and use others to achieve personal or group ends that go against the general interest and collective development.
  6. Integrality: it contemplates the dimensions of human and social development and seeks to articulate them in the processes of care and participation.
  7. Co-responsibility: considers the recognition of welfare, human and social development actions as an intersectoral, interinstitutional and interdisciplinary responsibility.
  8. Transparency: refers to the professional action that approves the indicators of clarity, discernment and responsibility.
  9. Confidentiality: expressed as respect for the privacy of the persons to whom it provides its professional services, granting the character of private information obtained in the professional relationship.

The Foundation is committed to the generally recognized national and international recommendations on good governance of non-profit entities and principles of foundational social responsibility, with the principles of ethics and transparency in all its areas of activity.

The Foundation’s system of governance and the responsible behavior of all those who form part of it is an unwavering guide for action that is one of the most solid features of its personality.

These commitments, far from constituting a mere declaration of principles, are extended to its daily practice and are integrated into the Foundation’s day-to-day management in all its areas of activity.

The Foundation considers that professional performance in accordance with the mission and values described above is the best guarantee of its commitment to the fulfillment of its foundational purposes.


The general interest purposes of the ISADORA DUNCAN Foundation are:

  • To achieve within Spanish society the real recognition of single mothers as single-parent families.
  • To guarantee the effectiveness of the right to health protection enjoyed by all Spaniards, focusing especially on the group of single mothers and their children, especially targeting the mother-to-be in the days before and after childbirth, as well as during childbirth.
  • To guarantee an effective protection and defense of the rights of the single-parent family, both in the professional, legal and cultural spheres.
  • To achieve greater labor insertion and improve the employment of women and young people, as well as any person in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Awareness of Spanish society about the environment.
  • The emotional integration of immigrants in Spain, with special dedication to women who constitute single-parent families.
  • To achieve a greater degree of tolerance and a decrease in violence, paying special attention to gender-based violence.
  • To achieve a real social reintegration of women victims of abuse and/or family abandonment.



In order to carry out our mission according to our vision and values, we establish the following quality policy:

  • Fulfill the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectations of our funders, users, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that may apply.
  • To seek effectiveness in interventions with people, based on professionalism and taking into account the values of the organization.
  • Maintain a commitment to the people served in the intervention services, including respect for the confidentiality of their data, neutrality and impartiality.
  • Communicate our activities effectively, adapting the channels and message to the target audience and offering an image that adequately reflects the values of the organization.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Management reviews and updates this policy annually. It ensures dissemination to the entity’s employees and other interested parties.