Economic violence and labor exploitation: two different realities with a single purpose

Economic violence and labor exploitation of women are two of the most normalized and sibylline manipulations that have truly disabling consequences in the lives of women and their families, causing not only economic instability, as is evident, but also emotional, psychological, social and, in the most serious cases, physical instability.

Economic violence against women is a control technique used to remove them from economic decision-making, as well as to produce economic and emotional dependence in them, in many cases seriously harming their own development and that of their families (children and dependents).

Labor exploitation, being already a crime, manifests itself differently against men than against women. Leaving aside legal aspects, reference is made to these situations precisely because of this distinction in terms of its application, also highlighting the position of immigrant women in this framework. It is important to take into account the intersectionality that defines precisely this phenomenon, in order to tackle the causes of why it occurs and prevent its consequences.

For this reason, the Gender Violence Prevention and Awareness Program has created different materials, such as information pills and tools, which support the achievement of two of its most important objectives: to make these problems visible and to involve professionals from different fields who interfere in the intervention work with possible victims.

In addition, two specific materials have been developed to make visible, prevent and detect each of the manifestations of violence against women described above, which aim to have an impact on society as a whole. These materials were presented at the Conference on Invisible Violence against Women: economic violence and labor exploitation, and are free of charge, so that they can be disseminated and used to make these problems visible and generate social awareness about them.

“Hablarán mal” reflects a situation of economic violence and how it is perceived by the victims’ environment. In the material generated in the last call, the different types of economic violence against women are shown: economic exploitation, labor sabotage, economic control and institutional economic violence. On this occasion, the aim is to show how normalized this type of violence is and what is the social opinion that the victims receive, in order to make a deep internal reflection from our place as professionals and as people on what we can do about this phenomenon.


“The Faces of Exploitation” narrates different situations in which women can be forced to suffer labor abuse, from the perspective of a girl who lives in a single-parent home. This video invites us to reflect on the future of women’s labor, how they are perceived and the path we are leaving for the girls of today, who will be the women of tomorrow.

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Materials for prevention, awareness and detection of situations of economic violence and labor exploitation.



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