Invisible Violence Against Women Day: Economic Violence and Labor Exploitation

The Prevention of Violence program, from the Isadora Duncan Foundation, is organizing a conference on March 6, 2024, titled “Invisible Violence Against Women: Economic Violence and Labor Exploitation.”

This event will feature the presentation of audiovisual materials designed to raise awareness and identify these issues that directly affect women’s lives. Economic violence and situations of labor exploitation are two sides of the same coin: they hinder the proper development of women’s economic autonomy, causing, in many cases, irreversible consequences in economic, social, emotional, psychological, and physical aspects.

The conference is divided into two sessions: one at 10:00 a.m. aimed at professionals in the legal, social, and law enforcement fields, where key professionals will give brief presentations; and a second session at 6:00 p.m. open to the general public, featuring interventions from the program’s professional team and the technical production team.

Both sessions will take place in person at two different venues in the city of León and will be streamed live on the websites and

Admission is free until capacity is reached, and materials related to the theme will be provided to each attendee.

Download the conference program

We hope this event will be of interest to professionals working in the prevention and intervention of situations of economic violence and labor exploitation against women, as well as to society as a whole.

For more information or any comments, please contact the organization at telephone number 987 261 449 (calls and WhatsApp) or via email at / .

We continue to work on raising awareness and preventing all forms of violence against women.

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