Isadora Duncan participates in the elaboration of the first manual of Best Practices for working with Single-Parent Families


After two years of work and meetings with organizations from different EU countries, among which the FFM Isadora Duncan participated in a prominent way, we are pleased to present the Handbook of Good Practices, Projects and Methods of Support for Single Parent Families in Europe.

SUSIPE is a project created to support adult education professionals working with single-parent families. The main objective of this initiative is to share knowledge and experience on approaches, projects, methods and network structures for an improved line of support for single parents in Europe and to integrate single parents in the field of education, training and the labor market.

This program has been financed with EU funds, within the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Program, which aims to improve the quality and European dimension of adult education in a broad sense, including formal, non-formal and informal learning, including self-learning.

In addition to Isadora Duncan, the following organizations are participating in the project: Team training (Germany), initial e.V. (Germany), Superact! (UK), One Parent Families Scotland (Scotland),  Arbetetsmuseum Norrköpping (Sweden), BGE Guyane (Activité Conseil – Boutique de Gestion) (French Guiana).

We would like to thank all the people and groups that have worked with us in the execution of this program, it has been a pleasure to share and learn from this collective experience.

If you want more information about the program and its objectives you can visit the following website.

Download the manual of Good Practices for working with Single Parent Families (English).