“Digital services, banking accessibility and secure online shopping”, new workshop at Isadora Duncan

On March 5, a new workshop entitled “Digital services, banking accessibility and secure purchases through the Internet” will begin at the headquarters of our foundation, this activity will be held on March 5, 6 and 7 from 10:00 to 11:30 am.

The course will consist of a part in which we will talk about the different digital services offered by the administration and its main features. The second part will be dedicated to online banking, basic handling of applications, accessibility, commissions and security in their use, as well as tips to avoid fraud. Finally, we will talk about safe shopping on the Internet, so that we can identify possible scams and know our rights as consumers.

For the realization of this workshop we will give preference to the smartphone and tablet, as we understand that they are the most used tools today to access the Internet and all its associated services.

In addition, we have a conciliation service so that no one misses this course.

Registrations can be made at the headquarters of the Fundación de Familias Monoparentales Isadora Duncan, located at Avda. Reino de León, 12, E1, 1º or C/ Juan XXIII, 6, E1, 1º, León. Tel.: 987 261449, free of charge.

The registration period is already open and places are limited.
This workshop is funded by the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 2030, from the allocation for other purposes of social interest of the IRPF and is included in the activities of the program “Family financial education and energy poverty”.

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