Ant Queens Learn to be Single Mothers

Photo: @pondapple

A few days ago, I was surprised by this headline of an article in the science section of the newspaper “ELPais“. Perplexed, I read it again, and indeed, it’s true! A positive headline that encompasses all single mothers (because now we have our own reasons: by choice, separation from a partner, etc.) and is also inclusive. You might wonder, what do ant queens have to do with single mothers?

A study reveals that the absence of worker ants pushes the colony’s leaders to adopt roles in caring for the offspring. After many experiments and thousands of hours of recording, the final result is that queens isolated from sterile workers regain non-reproductive behavior, meaning they return to caring for the offspring. They do it very quickly and take on the role of single mothers.

You see how we resemble each other; the origin of motherhood doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you chose to raise your child alone, you adapt to your new role with all that comes with it, you do it responsibly, and you become a queen ant and worker because you not only raise offspring but also do the work of the workers – caring, educating, working, building, maintaining your home, and stretching your economic budget into a very long, thin line.

I want to congratulate the empathetic and inclusive way they have approached single mothers. Hats off!


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