The Isadora Duncan Foundation has been working since its inception in favor of women’s economic autonomy

The Isadora Duncan Foundation has been working since its inception in favor of women’s economic autonomy, preventing situations of economic violence.

The trajectory of the Isadora Duncan Foundation, regarding the prevention of economic violence against women, began in the year of its creation, 1984, with the implementation of activities and training actions in the field of household economic management in its programs for women and families victims of gender violence, in its training actions, activities, and workshops, as well as with interventions and demands that are documented in the press throughout its history.

The purpose is clear: to promote and strengthen women’s economic autonomy in all areas of their lives.

Since then until today, the organization has developed activities and actions with common objectives in this area of economic training, working from two perspectives: the activist, in which economic rights are claimed and the inequalities suffered by women and single-parent families in accessing social assistance, among other resources, are made visible; and the educational, creating and developing workshops, actions, seminars, and colloquiums aimed at achieving women’s economic empowerment.

To document the reality of all these actions and initiatives, we have compiled them in this timeline, with the intention of contextualizing one of the current objectives of the Violence Prevention program: to fight against the economic violence suffered by women and their families.

It is important to understand that the economic dependence suffered by many women due to various reasons prevents them from exercising their basic human rights, causing not only economic instability, as is obvious, but also emotional and social instability. Achieving economic autonomy implies having the ability to provide for their own income, to decide on the best way to do so, and to understand and prioritize the expenses associated with daily life. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand issues such as access to supplies, understand rental contracts or mortgages, know the status of bank accounts and insurance clauses, as well as to have knowledge of the fixed income and expenses that occur in the household, among other issues.

This is one of the actions that the Isadora Duncan Foundation has been carrying out since its inception, working from basic financial education to prevent situations of economic violence against women and their families.

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