In memory of Alicia Gil Gómez

Alicia Gil, on the right, during her last visit to León.

PhD cum laude in Sociology of Gender (URJI) Degree in Philology and Science of Education UV, researcher, teacher, creator of the “Fundación Isonomía”, the Association “Con la A” and many others.

This is your professional biography, but I want to say goodbye to the woman, the person I knew.

It has been a shock to learn that on January 3rd of this year you left to never come back, and I am having a hard time saying goodbye to you. I remember I met you at an international meeting of women’s associations, about 18 years ago. At first I was a bit defensive, since normally the prevailing feminism used to treat my feminism with condescension and contempt, denouncing the legal limbo in which our families lived and still live as a collective of women in total lack of solidarity. No one used to come to our defense.

You belonged a priori to that classist world far removed from us. “Black-legged feminist” as I called you. However, from the beginning, I saw that you were different. Someone close, with whom you could talk as an equal. That was the beginning of our friendship and collaboration.

The Association “Con la A”, was the last project in which we collaborated. It lasted until last year, when fatigue from pulling a cart in which there was no generational replacement put an end to that adventure.

When the association decided to edit the magazine digitally, it counted on the professionalism of our foundation in the field of design and web development to carry out the project. We were honored by this important collaboration, which has indirectly increased our prestige in this field, since the magazine has a strong image not only here, but also in Latin America.

You didn’t come to León alone, you brought your friends and colleagues. “Blackleg” too and like you, practicing true sorority among women.

In 2015, we organized together, at the MUSAC in León, a conference on the impact of the abuses We took the opportunity to spend a weekend together in the mountains of Leon, enjoying ourselves among women who appreciate and love each other, and this is the memory I want to keep of you.

Farewell Alicia.

María García (President of the Isadora Duncan Single-Parent Families Foundation)

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