Single Parent Families Campaign in Europe

At the Isadora Duncan Single Parent Families Foundation, we have been working on internationalization for years. We are increasingly operating in a more globalized world, which is why in 2023 we launched the Single Parent Families in Network Program, funded by the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumer Affairs, and the 2030 Agenda, through allocations from income tax and corporate tax.

One of our objectives is to ensure effective and lasting collaboration among all entities working with our families in Europe. For this reason, we initiated an information campaign, considering both the information we provide and the information we receive as equally important. The latter focuses us on the reality of our families at a general level and helps us understand our needs, identify our resources, demand solutions to our problems, and start a common effort to make the European environment an equitable place for the development of our lives.

We have created an informative map of the associations currently collaborating with us in this endeavor, where information and assistance can be sought when needed. At the same time, we gather information in these consultations that will enhance our analytical capacity, aiming for the most objective and efficient results possible. This map is not final, and we will continue to expand it as we connect with different associations sharing common objectives.

Feel free to contact us or any of these other entities if you have questions or believe you can contribute something of interest to our community.

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